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Welcome to G&A Roofing, your number one roofer in Islington. We are G&A the local roofer offering fast, reliable and professional roofing repairs to all in Islington.

Leaking gutters and flat roofs are amongst the everyday jobs our roofers deal with in Islington, other call outs in Islington are slipped tiles and chimney repairs. The biggest demands are emergency repairs, our roofers deal with a many urgent call outs each week, and many of these call outs are out of hours. If you have a roofing problem in Islington, simply pick up the phone and talk to a professional roofer.

A dripping gutter can be a real irritation, let alone the damage it can do, guttering is a common call out for our Islington roofers. Other common call outs in Islington are leaking flat roofs.

At G&A roofing Islington, each roofer is part of a hardworking team. of roof repair specialists who take pride in offering roofing solutions to suit any budget, without compromising on quality.

We take care of roof repairs and general home maintenance across the Islington and North London area. Each one of our roofers is fully knowledgeable in all aspects of roofing and building work, including but not limited to, green roofing, guttering replacement and chimney repair.

General Tips on Hiring a Roofer in Islington

  1. Don’t entertain a roofer who can’t show proof of insurance.
  2. Ask the roofer how long has he been in the roofing industry, and check what he is saying is true.
  3. After interviewing the roofer, he should be able to give you precise estimates, and time scale of the works.
  4. Are there any guarantees? If the answer is yes, get the roofer to put it in writing.
  5. Ask for references from the last 3 customers in Islington and check them out.
  6. How much is the estimated total for materials and labour cost? You should be careful if a roofer just gives a verbal estimate. A good roofer will want to visit your property to enable to give a precise estimate.
  7. Ask Who Will Be Doing the Work? Will it be a subcontractor? If the roofer uses subcontractors, ask about their qualifications and experience, and most importantly do they have insurance?
  8. Is it a Daily Rate, Hourly rate or Fixed price? Ask the roofer to Explain the estimate you receive to avoid any nasty surprises when the work is completed.
  9. A roofer should abide by the health and safety guidelines, a good roofer in Islington will give a detailed estimate and he will guarantee his work.
  10. Most decent roofers in Islington will offer guarantees on work and parts, if the roofer refuses to provide guarantees on new work, consider someone else who can.

There are many warranties that can cover a roofers work for at least up to a year. It may seem difficult to get a good roofer in Islington whose qualifications meet the industry standards.

Roofing Skills 

A roofer is an expert who is skilled and experienced in the installation of all kinds of roofs, using slates or tiles which are fixed or nailed together. Some roofers in Islington specialise in different kinds of roofing, for example flat roofing or asphalting. Many roofers possess different training and skills, basic training involves working at Height, slating, tiling and flat roofing. Other roofers in Islington specialise in installing solar panels or roof gardens.

Roofing is a tough job, some roofs are steep and balance and strength is crucial. Roofing is a high-risk activity because it involves ladder work, and working at height. it is known that countless accidents involving falls from height are due lack of training, competence and capability. A good roofer must be skilled and agile, roofing is a physical job and physical capabilities are needed to carry out most roofing task.

Upper Holloway, Angel, Tufnell Park, Barnsbury, Islington, Pentonville, Canonbury, Newington Green, Farringdon, Finsbury, Mildmay, Highbury, Highgate, Lower Holloway.

G&A has been trading for over 25 years. Each roofer is experienced and highly skilled in the trade and over time, and we are the roofer of choice in the Islington and North London area. Over the years, we have built up a special solid reputation for being the roofers to turn to for professional customer care and excellent workmanship.

Need a reliable roofer in Islington? G&A Roofing and Building Contractors Islington is a reputable roofing firm that deals with all aspects of roofing work from chimney repairs to gutters, fascias to new roofs for commercial and domestic premises in north London.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which roofer to pick but with G&A Roofing Services in Islington, you can be assured of great customer care and professional roofing services. Our Islington trained roofers specialise in leak detection, repairs, roof replacement and a vast range of services to ensure that your roof continues to protect yourself and your property.

Established over 10 years ago, we went limited in 2004 and established ourselves as one of the leading local roof repairs firms. speak to our local roofer today.

Below are some of the services we offer in Islington.  Or if you’ve spotted a leak or you have concerns about your roof, give the team a call for advice.

Speak to G&A Roofing Services Islington to find out more about our services.

Stay Safe and Sound with Professional Roof Repairs in Islington

As experienced roofers, we take our job very seriously. To ensure your property is safe, and so are our roofers, we’ll undertake a method and risk assessment before we start any project – even for smaller jobs. We do this for every job, even if you call us out for emergency roofing.

Roof Reports, Surveys and Inspections Islington

Roof reports, surveys by a and inspections by a professional roofer Islington. They can come in handy. You can use a roof report to set your mind at rest if you think there’s a problem with your roof. We’ll carry out a detailed roof inspection and tell you about any faults we find, or foreseeable faults with your Islington roof. We’ll check the pointing, flashings and brick work on your chimney, plus your timbers with a damp meter for damp and dry rot. We’ll also check your roof and tiles for nail sickness. Our roofers will give your Islington roof a clean bill of health or tell you how we can fix it with a range of affordable repairs.

If you think there may be a problem with the condition of your roof, book our professional roofers to undertake a roof inspection – that way, you can avoid major roof repairs before they cost you a fortune.

Upper Holloway, Angel, Tufnell Park, Barnsbury, Pentonville, Canonbury, Newington Green, Farringdon, Finsbury, Mildmay, Highbury, Highgate, Lower Holloway.

Need help with an insurance claim in Islington?

If storm damage has left leaks in your roof, let our roofer produce an insurance report and survey to help you get it sorted quickly. We can undertake roof inspections throughout Islington. Broken tiles and damaged guttering, complete re-roofs and roofing repairs. Call our experienced roofers today to find out how a roof report can help with your insurance claim.

Upper Holloway, Angel, Tufnell Park, Barnsbury, Pentonville, Canonbury, Newington Green, Farringdon, Finsbury, Mildmay, Highbury, Highgate, Lower Holloway.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Islington the G&A Roofing team can help. An independent roofing report and survey from our experienced roofers will help you negotiate with sellers. A roofing report that’s been provided by a professional roofer can help you save money and headaches later down the line if you decide to buy – don’t take the seller’s word for it, get one of Islington’s leading roofers to take a look.

Flat Roof Repairs and Installation Islington

The roofers at G&A specialise in flat roof installation and repairs. We may be able to patch repair your roof, saving you money on a new one. If you discover leaks, we may be able to provide you with a professional patch to save you money on a brand new roof.

If you do need a new flat roof in Islington, our roofer can supply and fit top-quality roofs manufactured by Firestone, the tyre people. Firestone rubber flat roofs have been tested and tried over half a century and are one of the most reliable flat roofing systems available. To ensure that your flat roof provides you with long-term cover, have it installed by our experienced roofers.

Flat Roofer in Islington

If you’re not sure what type of roof or flat roof you need, give our Islington roofers a call. G&A a call and we’ll talk you through your options. For instance, EPDM rubber roofs are often popular due to their resistance to extreme weather conditions. They’re easy to repair in an emergency and easy to service by our team of roofers. We can also fit flat roof windows, install skylights, lanterns and sun tunnels, and window domes. If you think your flat roof is leaking, call the team for an EPDM rubber flat roof inspection, report or survey to ensure that everything is as it should be.

built-up felt flat roofs and repairs replacement of fibreglass flat roofs. 

Repairs for Chimneys, Guttering and Storm Damage Islington.

Problems with a leaking chimney? Our north London roofers can fix it. If your chimney has seen better days, or stormy weather has left them damaged, call G&A now. We repair and refit chimney pots, cowls, lead work and leaking lead flashings. There’s no end to our roofers’ talents – we can also refit gutters, remove old aerials and much more. Aerials can cause a lot of damage to chimney stacks, especially in a storm when they can act as a sail, pulling stacks over and damaging your roof. If you have an aerial that’s not in use, it might be a good idea to let our roofer remove it.

Barnsbury, East Finchley, Finchley Central, Finsbury Park, Highbury, Highgate, Holloway, Crouch End, Lower Edmonton, Muswell Hill, Friern Barnet, North Finchley, Palmers Green, Southgate, Seven Sisters, Stamford Hill,

We also offer a gutter cleaning services in Islington. You should try to have your guttering cleaned twice a year by a competent roofer to help prevent emergency call out repairs.

Fascias and soffits looking shabby? We supply and fit new fascias and soffits from the likes of Swish, Summit and Permacel. Call a trained roofer for more information.

Our prices on gutter cleaning, downpipes and drain cleaning cannot be beaten or matched by any other local roofers. Call G&A for advice today.

VELUX Roof Window Installations in Islington, North London

Want to brighten up your home with new roof windows? Top-quality VELUX roof windows are designed to let you make the most of the daylight and the space in your home or business. At G&A, we only use these well-known roof windows and a roofer can usually fit them within a day. As well as VELUX roof windows, we also supply and install sun tunnels, skylights, roof lanterns and flat roof windows.

All our roofers are trained in all VELUX products and we’ve established ourselves over the years as one of the leading installers of VELUX windows in Islington. Before we start any work, we’ll undertake a full risk assessment.

Emergency Roof Repairs Islington

Keep our number handy for when you need a professional roofer in a rush. Our emergency roofers are fully trained and on standby to react to your urgent roofing jobs 7 days a week. We provide emergency repairs on chimneys, gutters, slates, tiles and flat roofs that have suffered storm damage.

Upper Holloway, Angel, Tufnell Park, Barnsbury, Pentonville, Canonbury, Newington Green, Farringdon, Finsbury, Mildmay, Highbury, Highgate, Lower Holloway.

Please note: we can only provide an emergency roofing service if our roofer thinks it is safe to do so. We may provide temporary repairs – call G&A now for more information.

Roofing Advice and Maintenance Work Islington

Call G&A to tap into our years of experience in the roofing trade. We can provide you with all the advice and maintenance work you need for your roof.

Often our customers in Islington ask us to help them with wildlife nesting in their chimney.  Birds and squirrels make their nests in your chimney and sometimes this can cause you problems.  If you think a bird or squirrel has become trapped in your chimney, do NOT attempt to remove them. Call one of our roofers instead. Wild birds and their young are protected by law – our roofers are experts at handling issues like trapped birds and wildlife in your roof.

Loft Insulation and Top Up

Beat rising energy prices by ensuring that you keep your heat to yourself.  At G&A Roofing Contractors, we carry out all types of insulation work. Call us to find out more about our affordable loft installation services. Why spend extra money on your energy bills when our roofer can help save you money? fit insulation, saving you £££s? Without adequate loft insulation, 25 percent of your heat is lost through your roof.

Contact G&A Roofing Systems for competitive prices and expert advice on all your roofing issues. Call today on 0208 485 9215.

Highbury, Holloway, Stoke Newington, hackney, Barnsbury, Highgate.

We also cover the following areas around Islington:

Angel, Holloway, Kings Cross, Tufnell park, Pentonville, nags Head, Newington Green, Kings Cross, Farringdon, Mildmay, Newington Green, Archway, Barnsbury, Canonbury, Highbury, Clerkenwell, Lower Holloway, Farringdon, Finsbury, Stoke Newington, Highbury and St Luke’s.

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