About Velux Windows

About VELUX Windows

About Velux WindowsVelux windows are known for quality and are one of the best roof window systems around.

They have been used for over 60 years, with the first Velux window was developed in 1942 by a Danish civil engineer named Villum Kann Rasmussen. Kann Rasmussen (KR) become involved in product development after graduating from university in 1932.

KR was on a mission to create a window that ‘in every respect was just as good as the best vertical window’. He wanted a window that would bring in light and fresh air. More importantly, KR was aware of a lack of space and wanted to design a window that would allow people to make the best use of their homes and that would give people an attractive view. Just ten years later KR had developed the Velux window. The name Velux was developed from the words Ventilation and Lux, which is the Latin word for light.

Today, Velux is one of the biggest names in roof windows and skylights, and is the leading international manufacturers of roof windows. It is sold in 40 countries around the world. The range of Velux products is extensive and includes Velux roof windows, flat roof windows, smoke vents, sun tunnels and glazing.
There are a variety of roof windows to choose from, including:

Centre-Pivot Roof Windows

These are available in white polyurethane or pine. Velux centre-pivot roof windows are easy to open with a control bar at the top that allows you to open the window without straining. Even better, you can get an electrical version so you don’t have to stretch at all. Centre pivot roof windows rotate 180º and lock in place, making them a synch to clean.

Velux Skylights

The Velux skylight comes in wood or a white polyurethane finish. These stylish skylights face the sky, allowing in lots of light. They are hard-wearing, easy to maintain and designed to make the best use of space.

Top-Hung Roof Windows

Velux top hung roof windows have their handles at the bottom of the window, and with spring action hinges, they’re easy to operate. Opening outwards, these Velux windows are perfect for low pitched roofs. They allow bags of fresh air into the home and give an illusion of extra space. These also come in pine or white polyurethane and can also be sold with electrical operation.

Velux windows can be installed into any type of roof material or pitch. They can be used for sun rooms, conservatories and loft conversions. The type of space available will influence the type of Velux window you have fitted. For example, if you have a low slope roof, a longer window will be perfect for your home. For steep roofs, a shorter Velux window will be better. For rooms such as conservatories and bathrooms, which can be humid, it’s best to choose a polyurethane window.

At G&A, we specialise in Velux window fitting and we’ll be able to advise you on the best type of windows for your home – and your budget. Our team will be happy to talk you through your options.



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