How to Clear Moss From Your Roof

Moss on your roofSome property owners may think that moss or lichen on the roof gives your home character but moss and algae that forms on your roof tiles can cause major problems, eventually leading to you having to get a roof replacement if you leave the problem for too long.

Roofs are the perfect place for moss to thrive, especially around a chimney. The type of roof you have and where you live can contribute to the amount of moss that builds up on your property. Moss likes to grow in shaded, humid areas and likes moisture, so an ideal condition for moss is when your property has lots of overhanging trees that can drop debris, giving moss all the nutrients it needs to flourish on your rooftop. Even the pitch of your roof can contribute to the problem, as a low-slope roof may retain water for longer than a steep pitch roof.

Moss is a very hardy plant. With enough moisture, it can grow very quickly and can also spread from other houses, so if a neighbouring property has a problem with this plant it’s likely that you will too. Moss is an unusual plant that has no roots. It retains water, and this is where moss can cause damage to your roof. As well as adding extra weight, which your roof is not designed to hold, it could cause clogging to your gutters so that water cannot drain away properly. But the main problem is that moss will hold water on your roof, which can then freeze when the weather turns cold and cause frost damage and cause tiles to crack. If you neglect to treat the problem, you could be facing a serious roof repair bill.

There are some preventative steps you can take to try to stop moss from growing in the first place. Firstly, many modern roofs use materials that discourage moss from growing on them.

Cut down tree branches that overhang your roof. This will allow air to circulate and allow direct sunlight onto your roof, so there’s no moisture for the moss to grow.

The more you repel water from your roof, the more difficult it will be for moss to grow. So a good roof sealer can help you stop moss growth. There are lots of products on the market and the decent brands will penetrate deep into porous roofs, allowing water to drain away and evaporate quickly.

Keep the roof clean. A roof that’s free of leaves and debris will see less moss growth than one that isn’t. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could cause even more damage when you’re jet washing your roof. So call in a professional roofer who can carry out an inspection of your roof and undertake any necessary cleaning or other work. It’s a good idea to have maintenance checks on your roof every couple of years anyway, so that you can prevent problems such as leaks before they become a serious issue leading to expensive repairs.

There are many moss preventative solutions on the market, which you can use on an annual basis to keep the moss at bay. Another trick is to secure a copper ridge or wire to the top of your roof. Copper sulphate, which is produced in small doses in the sunshine or rain, and kills moss naturally. So every time the rain falls, the copper residue will run evenly down your roof giving you a natural method of exterminating moss.

If moss has already taken hold on your roof, you may be able to deal with it yourself. If there’s not much moss, this should be easy to clear away. Moss is a plant with no roots, so you can easily pull it up with your bare hands. However, you’ll still need to treat the problem so that it doesn’t reoccur. And if you’re not careful, you could end up loosening slate roof tiles if you’re a little too rough.

If you have a severe moss growth on your roof or you’re not sure how to handle it, you’ll probably need the services of a trained roofer. If you need a chemical treatment for your roof, a roofer will be able to use it safely so you don’t affect any pets or wildlife.

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