How To Maintain Your Property

How To Maintain Your Property The Easy Way

Maintaining your property can be a very valuable use of your time. By looking after your property, you not only protect yourself from damage that could lead to injury, such as loose roof tiles and slates, you could also be adding real value to your home. Remember that your property is probably the biggest investment you can make, so it makes sense to invest your time in making sure that it is well cared for.

Deterioration of your property is generally due to poor maintenance so by doing nothing, you could be storing up problems for the future. Even if you have new premises, it’s always worth carry out a check to ensure that your roof, chimney or brickwork is secure and safe. This is best done before the freezing months of winter bring severe weather such as storms, snow and ice, which can cause further problems if there is already existing damage to your home or business.

Taking simple steps such as gutter cleaning or unblocking gutters can help your home to function exactly as it should, ensuring the safety of the occupants of your property and your belongings. Leaking gutters, for example, can lead to other problems down the line and eventually serious water damage to your property.

Checking For Problems

You can prevent leaking roofs by checking it twice a year. On the outside of your property, make sure that loose tiles or slates are secured in place – a reputable roofing firm such as G&A Roof Repairs can help with this safely and professionally. Ensure that the lead flashings on your chimney are not leaking and that your roof is not sagging. It’s best to call in the professionals, who can provide a roof report or survey. A good firm of roofers will carry out a risk assessment to ensure that your safety is always put first. When choosing a roof repair firm, check that they use quality materials so that your property is secured in the long-term.

On the inside of your house, you should check your loft insulation. You are looking for evidence of leaks such as water staining. If there’s a problem, contact a roofing contractor like G&A for advice.

Areas that often need attention are flat roofs, dormer windows, balconies and chimneys. Chimney damage will need specialist attention from a professional roofing firm. When choosing a company, look for experienced roofers who can undertake lead work for worn flashings or re-point brickwork.

It may help to draw up a checklist of areas to inspect. Use binoculars to check areas that are inaccessible, such as your roof and chimney. Before you start your checks, make sure that the area is safe and that you won’t have to overstretch to reach anything. It’s always a good idea to call in the professionals for roof work – the rule of thumb is to use a tradesperson to inspect areas above one storey.

Keep A Record

Finally, if you have any maintenance work undertaken on your property, a simple thing such as keeping all the paperwork could be beneficial when it comes to selling your property. Up-to-date records of work such as repairs and maintenance will pay dividends. Just as you would keep a service record for your car, you should do the same for your home or other premises.

If you need repairs for your home, the roofers at G&A can provide home maintenance services, such as:

Replacement fascias
Painting and decorating
Roof Repairs
Chimney Repairs

We can also provide roof reports and surveys for your bank or building society. We are a leading firm of roofers that provide affordable repairs for properties throughout the UK.

Find out more about our services, call the roofers at G&A for help on 0800 626430.

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