About Clay Roof Tiles

About Clay Roof Tiles

Your roof is such an important part of your property, you’ll want to do some thorough research when you’re looking at new roof materials so that you choose the best type. As a roof is such a big investment, it’s highly important that you get the roofing material that will serve your property well for many years into the future.

Here are some of the reasons why clay roof tiles are such a great choice. When choosing a roof, you need a sturdy material that is energy efficient. Clay roof tiles have been in use for hundreds of years, and the reason for their popularity is because they’re just so durable. In fact, they’re one of the best types of roofing materials you can have.

Clay roof tiles do suffer some weathering but they can last for up to 90 years depending on the type of clay used to manufacture them. They will not lose their rich red colour over time, and have a long life span due to the fact that they are not corroded by the environment. These roof tiles can withstand all types of weathers, ultra-violet light, ice, pollution and all types of extreme weathers. They are pretty resistant to mould and decay, and they’re also fire resistant and thermally efficient.

The amazing thing about clay tiles is that they actually look better over time – they get a weathered look that is much sought-after among property owners. In fact, people pay good money just to get new clay tiles that have this worn look.

Clay tiles are just about the most popular type of roofing material and another reason for this is because they’re sustainable. In new home building, both home buyers and builders are increasingly aware of the materials they use and clay tiles are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they’re renewable and because they last for so long. This type of roofing is considered to have a low impact on the environment and they’re really easy on the eye so clay roofs blend in nicely with the natural environment.

Another good point about clay tiles is that they help to regulate the temperature indoors. They naturally reflect the sun’s rays so that they keep heat out in the height of summer, but they also keep the heat in when it’s cold. They’re also great for sound insulation.

The method of building a clay roof entails interlocking the tiles and nailing them, which offers excellent security for your property. Some roofing is easier to access given the right tools and a determined thief or vandal.

There are only a few disadvantages of clay tiles. These tiles are quite expensive – although the initial cost is offset by the fact that they will last you for many years. Another disadvantage is that clay tiles can be tricky even for the most experience roofer and because so much expertise is required, the installation of clay tiles may push the price up.

With clay being such a heavy material, your property may not support clay tiles without  a support structure. This is not a problem for roofs that already has a clay roof, but if you’re thinking of replacing your roof with clay tiles, this is something that you’ll need to consider.

For more information about different types of roofing, call a professional roofer for advice.

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