Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Policy

dreamstime_s_5997865-1-300x239_opt(1)Your home is probably your biggest single financial investment so you should make sure that your dream does not turn into a nightmare by incurring ever increasing maintenance costs.  To safeguard your asset and provide peace of mind, the 5-star Property Maintenance Policy can be tailored to your needs and provide substantial savings on buildings maintenance.

Why a 5-star Property Maintenance Policy

5 Star Property Maintenance are part of the G&A Group.  We are approved by the Confederation of Roofing Contractors, Checkatrade and Trading Standards.

We Understand!

When a dream home is purchased, the ensuing disastrous and ruinous events are not deliberate or desired.  We know, for example, that a dislodged roof slate may well let in the rain.  As a result the timber decays.  The plaster disintegrates encouraging unsightly fungal growth and the nightmare is only just beginning.  Blocked gutters will most likely overflow leading to rotten fascia boards, window sills and damp patches on walls.  Moss, leaves and twigs may also be forced into the underground pipework causing costly blockages.

Home Buildings Insurance Policy.

The 5 Star Property Maintenance Policy works alongside your existing buildings insurance policy and is not a substitute

Almost all building insurance companies issue policies that contain a paragraph similar to:

Please note that before a claim is accepted under the policy, damage must result from one of the causes listed – damage resulting from deterioration or poor maintenance is not covered”.

This could invalidate your building insurance claim.  Proof of Property “Up-keep” – Your 5 Star Property Maintenance Policy provides you with proof of property “up-keep” and prevents any Buildings Insurance claim being compromised through damage resulting from deterioration or poor maintenance.

Emergency Repairs and Insurance Work.

Your 5 Star Property Maintenance Policy while bridging the gap in your building insurance is at the same time benefitting you, our policyholder.

With our policy, a simple phone call to our 24 hour Emergency Hotline will ensure one or more of our approved professional tradesmen starting work immediately.  We can provide the required estimates and invoices in respect of the work done.

  1. What does your maintenance policy cover

The maintenance of your home against all things you’d expect, and many of the things you wouldn’t!

Your property will be visited twice a year.  The following items will be covered:

  • Cleaning of gutters and downpipes
  • Missing, slipped or broken slates or tiles replaced or made watertight
  • Gaps and missing mortar between ridge tiles repointed
  • Missing cement from gables repointed
  • Damaged flashings checked and repaired
  • Valleys cleaned
  • Parapet walls checked and repaired

Visual checks

Walls are checked for evidence of damp or subsidence
Drains checked for any repairs or blockages
Flat roofs checked for cracks or blisteringChimneys and chimney pots checked for any damageFascias, soffits and barge boards checked for timber rot

A 5 Star Property Maintenance policy is unlike any insurance you have seen before.  You may have insured property, car etc against damage and loss.  You can only claim in the event of loss or damage.  Our maintenance policy is different in so far as you do not need to suffer a loss or damage in order to benefit from your maintenance policy.  Your maintenance costs will be kept to a minimum and the quality of workmanship and materials assured.

Other items can be added to your maintenance plan such as fence maintenance, pruning hedges and trees, de-mossing and cleaning patios or roofs, plumbing and painting – the choice is yours.

Other Services Provided

Schools, shops, commercial and industrial maintenance and property management

The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating.  Should you need us, we think you’ll be impressed by the speed of our service and the savings.

With 5 Star Property Maintenance you’re assured of a well-maintained property and peace of mind.

How much does the Property Maintenance Policy cost?

A typical semi-detached property, with easy access, would cost in the region of £20 per month.

To show how much you can save on property maintenance call:

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5 Star Property Maintenance is part of the G&A Group