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A little bit about G&A Roofing and what we do

Here at G&A Roofing, we can provide you with a service to solve any emergency. If you are in need of urgent gutter, chimney or roof repair, we will send to you a professional, qualified and experienced roofer to do just that. With over 25 years of experience under our belt, we will ensure your property is given an emergency repair with a quality that is of the highest standard. Our superb customer service and work ethic means that most insurance companies will gladly recommend us for any emergency repair work that you require.

We offer a range of emergency services to our customers, including any emergency roof, gutter or chimney repairs, amongst many others. Our emergency repair service can be applied to both residential and commercial buildings, completed by expert roofers safely and to the highest standard each and every time.

If you decide that our emergency repair services are what you require, there are a few things you can expect from us. We will issue you with a report explaining what the damages to your property are, the original cause of the problem and what the next steps are for it to be repaired. This is our company policy, and we do this to make it easier for you to make a claim on your insurance.

Why the smallest sign of damage should not be neglected

If your property has suffered as a result of weathering or incorrect installation, whether it is the flashings on your roof or the gutters surrounding your home, these fittings no longer provide the degree of protection that they are supposed to. If they are not repaired straight away, the damage could worsen over time and become more costly to repair in the future when it becomes an emergency.

A small problem like one loose tile can quickly escalate, water may leak into your property and more tiles could become loose. It is both safest and cheapest to resolve the smaller problems straight away, rather than neglecting them and dealing with an emergency repair in the future.

The steps to take if you require an emergency repair

Check with your insurance company whether you are covered. Usually, if your property has suffered as a result of weathering over time, then it’s likely that you are eligible to make a claim on your insurance to cover the cost of an emergency repair. It is important that a repair is made as soon as possible, as it will prevent the damage from worsening – preventing any further cost in the future.

Precautions you can take to avoid an emergency repair

· Carry out a thorough inspection of your roof for any indication of damages. If you identify any loose or missing tiles, they should be repaired as soon as possible.

· Inspect your chimney and ensure that all the pointing and brick work is intact with no holes or cracks.

· Clear your gutters of any debris. A blocked gutter will overflow and dampen your home.

· Remove any redundant fixtures like TV and radio aerials from your property.

The problem of snow and ice

If you have a pitched roof, it is important to have any snow cleared from your roof as soon as possible. You should never remove it yourself as it can be difficult to clear, especially if it’s frozen. Always call a professional roofer as the weight of the snow can cause damage to the structure of the property.

Plastic gutters are also vulnerable to ice and snow and should be cleared of any blockages before the winter. If they are blocked, ice will form and cause costly damages.

The cost of an emergency repair

Once we have carried out an emergency repair, you will receive an invoice either by post or e-mail – whichever you prefer. You should then submit the invoice to your insurance company along with a claim form. You should ask your insurance company to pay us directly, which should take no longer than two weeks.

How to choose the right roofer in an emergency

·  Neverpay for an emergency repairs service in cash.

· Your insurance company will only pay out for an emergency repair upon seeing evidence. If you have paid for a repair service that did not give you a receipt or an invoice, you have no evidence to support your claim if the work is below standards.

· Be cautious of leaflets that come through your door advertising a roofer with only a mobile number and no address.

· Only contract a roofer that has Public Liability Insurance. It is you who is left to cover the cost of any damages that are caused.

· Only contract a roofer that is a member of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CORC). You then have a trade association that can help you solve any problems you may have with the contractor.

Remember, G&A Roofing are always here to help and will happily give you the advice you need.

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