How to Get Your Property Sold

How to get your property soldIt’s a difficult time for property owners who want to move on and have a fresh start. Many people who are trying to sell their property have had the heartbreak and inconvenience of lots of stopping and starting – contracts that have fallen through and buyers pulling out at the last minute. Some properties are on the market for years before they eventually sell. So what can you do to make your property more attractive and win over the buyers?

Firstly, with the help of your estate agent you can try to assess the type of person who would like to buy your property. Make sure you target the property to the right sort of person, such as a professional or a family if you live near to a good school. Remember, what attracted you to the property in the first place and try to recreate those circumstances that made you sign on the dotted line.

Make sure that you make prospective buyers aware of things that will be important to them, such as schools and shops, or transport links.

When someone is viewing your property, you know that your property should be clean and tidy – but don’t overlook another aspect – the buyer wants to be able to visualize the property with their own belongings in it, putting their stamp on the property. So clear all the clutter and depersonalize your property. This means that you’ll have to put away that large family heirloom that you have sitting in the corner out of loyalty, taking up so much space! And unusual ornaments that have sentimental value to you but which the buyer won’t be able to relate to, have to go too.

Make sure you make the most of the space in your property – too much clutter and you’ll make your property seem smaller than it is, and prevent buyers from seeing its full potential. Gaudy colours on the walls and intricate wallpaper can also make the space seem less roomy – even if you think your design ideas are great – so get to work and give the place a lick of paint in neutral colours.

Make sure that you welcome the buyer into your home. A warm welcome can make all the difference. So ensure that there are no distractions – children doing homework and barking dogs can distract the buyer, and this is an important decision for them so they’ll want the space to appreciate your home.

Keep documentation handy so that you can present it to potential buyers. This includes a maintenance log so that you can show the buyer what you’ve had done to the property and show that it’s been properly maintained. Show them any guarantees you have, plus the service history for the boiler – anything that you think will be of interest. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without knowing its history, so you can’t expect someone to buy a whole building without knowing what they’re purchasing.

If you’re conducting the viewing yourself, leave the best room until last. The last room is probably the one that will stick in the buyer’s mind. It’s a good idea to run through a mock viewing with a friend so you know what you’re going to say. Make sure that you keep things relevant and point out the best things about your property. If you’re buying a property yourself, make a mental note of the things you’re looking for or the information that’s most useful to you as a buyer. That way, you can tailor the viewing of your own property to what’s relevant to a buyer.

Finally, we all know that a well-presented property is more attractive to people looking for a home that they want to move into. Deal with all those leaks and damp patches. Of course, looking after your property over the years can pay dividends when it comes to selling your home. Regular roof inspections and maintenance work can help you keep your property in top condition so that you can get the full price when you’re moving home.

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