How to tell if There’s a Problem with Your Plumbing

It’s essential to keep your plumbing in good working order to keep your property in top condition. You can maintain your plumbing by performing regular checks of your plumbing system. The following article lists some of the common problems your plumbing system may develop.

Regularly check your pipes to ensure that there’s no sign of corrosion. Old brass and copper fittings will turn start to turn green and steel pipes may turn yellow or orange if they’re corroded. If your pipeworks are corroded, it should be fairly easy to get replacement parts. Leaving the problem could cause leaks and water damage if the problem is left unattended.

Watermarks on ceilings and where pipes run through the walls are another sign of water leakage. Check around exposed pipes for signs of leaking water and puddles.

If your water pressure is weak, this can be a sign that there’s a plumbing issue. It could be something as simple as calcium build-up in the faucet or it may be due to problems further down your pipes, and you may need attention from a professional plumber.

Another problem is the slow drainage of water. You should check the sink, shower and bath to see if the water is draining away quickly. This is usually due to a clogged drain or blocked vent pipe. These problems are generally easy to fix yourself, such as hair blockages in the bathroom or foodstuff that is blocking the kitchen sink. You can purchase products to wash down the system, which melt many blockages and with regular use you should be able to keep the water draining away freely.  When the standing water starts to drain, it will start to wash away in a circular motion. If bubbles start to appear or there is a gurgling sound, your plumbing system may be in need of an experienced plumber.

You’ll soon notice if your toilet is not flushing properly! Check inside the cistern for wear and tear to parts such as rubber corrosion or rust. Water around the toilet on the floor can be a sign of plumbing issues. Check that the toilet is stable on the floor by pulling it gentle to ensure it doesn’t rock or move. If there are any problems, you should contact a local plumber as soon as possible.

You can check your water heater for problems by looking to see if there’s a yellow flame. The flame inside the water heater should be blue with no yellow flames as this could be a sign that the jets need to be cleaned. You should also check inside the chamber for signs of rust. You should drain the water heater to get rid of calcium that has built up inside. You should have your water heater checked regularly by a qualified plumber to avoid expensive plumbing problems.

Washing machine leaks are another common area for leaking pipes. Check the hoses on your washing machine to ensure that they are still intact and there is no sign of leaking. These should be easy to replace by the washing machine manufacturer.

Mildew around the home may be another sign that there is a leak. Investigate around the area to see if it’s caused by condensation or a more serious problem caused by leaks that have dried up.

For help to keep your plumbing in top working order, contact a professional plumber. G&A is a team of qualified plumbers offering emergency plumbing services and plumbing maintenance work. We work around the UK and provide affordable prices on your plumbing.

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