How to Save Money on Your Plumbing Bill

Hiring a plumber can be an expensive business, especially if you’re contracting a reliable plumber with lots of experience who will charge you more for their services. But if you’re handy with a spanner there are ways that you can cut the price of a plumber. There are lots of guides on the internet and even videos that you can use as a helpful tool when you’re tackling a simple plumbing job.

Firstly, some plumbing problems are preventable – such as ensuring that your drains are cleared of hair and large items that could clog the drainage system. Take care of your pipes and it could save you cash in the long-term. Take steps such as regularly clearing out your plumbing system with solvents that dissolve fats and other deposits that could block your system.

Regular checks of your plumbing can be useful in stopping plumbing problems before they spiral out of control. You should undertake spot-checks on areas where leaks are commonly found, underneath sinks and in the toilet. Your kitchen sink can develop leaks due to constant use. You should check the kitchen sink thoroughly for signs of water damage or leaking pipes, faucets and around the joints of the sink.

Don’t be daunted by carrying out simple plumbing jobs on your toilet. Leaking toilets are often easily fixed if you’re proficient at DIY. The parts of a toilet can develop problems over time. Common problems are when the toilet handle sticks or water continues to leak after flushing.

Running toilets are often due to a worn toilet flapper, which is made of rubber and naturally degrades over time – that’s when the seal fails to stop the water flow and results in constant running toilets. You should stop the water flow by turning off the water to the toilet. The flapper is usually fitted to the flush valve. It can be unhinged and replaced easily with a spare part.

If the parts of your toilet are simply worn down, you can usually get replacements at a local DIY store – remember to take the broken parts with you so that you can get the exact replacement.

For problems such as low water pressure, there’s usually a simple solution before you have to call out a plumber. The cause of low water pressure is often the sink faucet. If the problem is affecting both the hot and cold water taps, then it may be a case of cleaning out calcium that has built up in the faucet aerator and is clogging the system.

If you can’t identify the plumbing problem for yourself or for bigger problems, maybe stemming from the main sewer, it’s usually best to call in a professional plumber. You should ensure that your plumber is fully qualified, checking their references and credentials wherever possible.

When you contract a plumber, ensure that you get the best price for the job by comparing prices – pick at least three or four plumbers and find out what they would charge for the job, if you know what work is needed. Then you can pick the plumber whose rates are fair. Be careful though – sometimes a plumber will charge a higher hourly rate because he’s more experienced. In the end, it might be worth hiring a more expensive plumber if they’re able to work more quickly and can fix the problem permanently so you don’t have to call out another plumber further down the line.

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