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RoofersG&A Roofing perform all types of roofing works in Havant and Gosport, from slating, tiling, chimney repair from small homes to factories, offices barns to major roofing projects. We also restore roofs on listed and period homes theroughout Havant and Gosport, restoring them back to their former glory. We also carry out emergency roofing works for The AA, British Gas, local Building firms to major insurance companies.

Over a period of time slates and tiles can become loose due to nails which fix tiles and slates in place become corroded causing them to slip out of position and in many cases allowing water to ingress in to your home. The most common problems with leaking roofs are missing or cracked slates or tiles. With stong gale force winds being a common occurrence in Havant and Gosport, there are few precautions to take before the storms kick-in, give your roof the once-over, on pitched roofs look out for missing or broken tiles, check the cement around the ridge tiles, missing mortar or holes should be repaired as soon as possible. Firm ridge tiles will protect your roof from driving wind and rain.

Emergency Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds Havant and Gosport

Chimneys are the most problematic areas when it comes to leeks, the most common problems with leaking chimneys are flashings, chimney flashings can wear after time, if left for long periods walls to your home will get damp and cause plaster to wall and ceilings to blow. The cement joints to your chimney can also cause leakage if worn.Loose chimney pots can also be a factor to Wye a chimney will leak, chimney pots should be set firmly in sand and cement you need wire netting over the pots to prevent bird damage, re-pointing of the brickwork on your chimney or re-seating the chimney pots.

At G&A Emergency Roof Repairs Havant and Gosport carry out all types of chimney works from re-building entire chimney’s stacks in traditional stone or bricks which ever suits your home best. It’s uncommon for birds to become trapped in a chimney. if you find an animal or bird has been trapped we advise you don’t try to remove it yourself as some wild birds are protected by law, we recommend you call in a professional. To prevent birds entering your chimney in the future we can fit wire mesh, its cheep and quick to fit.

G&A Roof Repairs Havant and Gosport can offer you the best solution when it comes  to your chimney problems, we have been re-building and repairing chimneys in Havant and Gosport for over 20 years and have the best teams of roofers to do so. We at G&A Roof Repairs are Havants and Gosports leading chimney repair specialists in the last 25 years we have built up an extensive reputation throughout Hampshire, Havant and Gosport our teams of chimney builders all have the experience and skills to repair, build and remove any type of chimney, and you can be re-assured all chimney work is carried out to a very high standard in a reliable and fast manner, and if it’s an emergency we always have roofers to help in urgent situatios.G&A have full public liability insurance and are member of The Confederation Of Roofing Contractors.

With gale force winds being a common occurrence in Havent and Gosport there are few steps that can be taken to minimise damage to your home. Now is a great time to give your roof and chimney the once-over, before the bad weather really kicks off, check your chimney for any loose bricks or mortar, check all slates and tiles are in place, make sure your gutters have been cleaned, gutters should be cleaned at least ones a year, remember faulty gutters are the main cause of damp to walls, so keep them maintained and cleaned.

Felt Flat Roof Repairs and Emergency Havant and Gosport

Flat Roofs have caused many problems with home owners across Havant and Gosport, with G&A Roof Repairs we have built up an extensive reputation working with individual home owners. landlords, construction firms, estate agents, insurance companies throughout Havant, Gosport and Hampshire. We have extensive knowledge and experience when in come to flat roofs. our customers are happy with our flat roofing services because we have the knowledge and experience with 25 years in the business repairing and fitting flat roofs across Havant and Gosport.At G&A we fit all types of flat roofs from, EPDM, Asphalt, Zink, copper and much more. All our flat roofs come with a 15 and 20 year guarantee. Some flat roofs leek for many reasons, ie poor design, bad workmanship, ponding, the list goes on. for all your flat roofing needs in Havant and Gosport, call us free on 0800 624 430

G&A Roof Repairs have been fitting gutters and down pipes for over 25 years in Havant and Gosport, all our new installation come with a 15 year guarantee G&A Roof Repairs is an independent company, all gutters are fitted by fully trained roofers insuring the highest standard possible to all our customers in Havant and Gosport. At G&A Roofing Repair we check the correct levels of fall insuring water is taken away safely from your property.

The guttering system on your home has a very important role to play, when G&A Guttering Division fit your new gutters a lot of thought is spent working out the angles and falls. Once your new gutters have been fitted, before each winter they should be cleaned, gutters and down pipes should be absolutely clear of leaves, twigs and muck, blocked gutters will over flow causing walls to dampen and blow internal plaster work.We have been cleaning, fitting, gutters and downpipes in the Havant and Gosport area for 25 years. Gutter and downpipes sizes vary according to the area of the roof they drain. It is important for gutters and downpipes to be large enough to deal with heavy rainfall. At G&A Guttering division we can advise the best guttering system to use. We supply and fit half-round, deeply Sovereign, square and Ogee. there are also a choice of many colours. All our installations are finished to the highest quality throughout Havant, Gosport and Hampshire



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