Why Can’t I Get A Roofer?

Why Can’t You Get Roofer When You Want One?

Roofing is a highly dangerous and skilled trade. An emergency roofer is there to ensure that your property is safe and that your roof is protecting your property when you need it. However, there are times when even an emergency roofer is unable to perform the necessary repairs due to health and safety risks that are posed by accessing your roof.

In an emergency, contact a roofer and describe the nature of the problem. You’ll often need emergency roof repairs following a storm, flooding or other extreme types of weather. A trained roofer will be happy to offer you free advice over the phone so that you can make your property safe in the meantime until we can come out and provide you with a permanent fix for your roof. We may be able to offer you temporary repairs until such time that we can provide a more long-standing solution.

Any emergency roofer worth his salt will weigh up the risks before attempting to work on your roof. If your roofer is willing to take risks then it’s not only their safety that is under threat but it could also compromise the safety of your property.

There are a few circumstances when the roofer will not attempt to repair your roof. When it’s too dark or dusk is falling, then it would be unsafe to work on the roof – if any roofer were to work under these circumstances then it could do more harm than good and mistakes could easily be made.

Roof repairs is a two-man job. An emergency roofer can only perform his duties if he has a second roofer to ensure safety, so sometimes there will be a delay to ensure that your roof repairs are carried out correctly with two people so that the roofer can work safely on your roof.

Weather conditions can prevent an emergency roofer from accessing your roof. If it’s wet up there or there’s any ice, frost, hail or snow, then even the most experienced emergency roofer would be foolhardy to attempt to work on your roof. If you find an emergency roofer who promises to come out to your roof when it’s slippery under foot, then you should find another one. A good roofer knows the risks involved and will only work on your roof when it’s safe to do so, so that he can provide you with a professional service. Strong winds are another reason for difficulties in getting an emergency roofer. Winds in excess of 23mph, or Force 5, will affect the balance, especially if it’s a gusty wind. So an emergency roofer will not be able to work on your roof when the wind is too strong.

G&A Roofing and Building is a professional roof repair firm that provides emergency roof repairs following storm damage. We are a team of trained roofers who have the best interests of your property at the core of all the work we do. Before we start work on your property, we will always undertake a risk assessment to ensure the safety of our staff and your property. We apply safe working practices and ensure that each roofer is fully trained in health and safety regulations so that we can provide you with professional solutions for your home or business.

We are happy to discuss your requirements over the phone and can offer temporary as well as permanent repairs to suit your circumstances. Contact G&A Roofing and Building for help today on 0800 626430.


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