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Welcome to G&A Roofing and Building, reputable roofer Putney and Roehampton. Contact our qualified roofers for quality flat roof work, including affordable repair, replacement flat roofs and flat roof window lanterns installation, chimneys, and emergency roofers in Putney.

G&A Putney and Roehampton is a highly reputable roofing firm that specialises in fixing leaking flat roofs and providing top-quality roofing care for your home or business in the local area. We offer a range of services, including supplying and fitting VELUX roof windows to suit all property types and bring natural light into areas such as bathrooms, hallways and granny flats. We are a 5-star VELUX installer, specialising in a range of quality roof windows to complete your conversion or simply replace your existing flat roof window.

Established over 25 years, G&A is a leading roofing firm with a reputation for providing excellent customer care and superior workmanship. We are members of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors, a leading trade body. Our roofers are fully qualified and will always undertake a risk assessment on your property before starting any work.

Call G&A Roofing and Building and speak to a qualified roofer for help today on 020 7205 5785.

Here are some of the flat roofing systems available with G&A Putney and Roehampton:

EPDM Flat Roofer Putney Roof Systems
EPDM rubber flat roofs are popular throughout the UK and have been used for domestic and commercial buildings for over 40 years. EPDM is short for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, a durable synthetic material that is recyclable. EPDM flat roofs provide excellent cover and are resistant to UV rays, hail and seasonal changes.

Fibreglass Flat Roofer Roofing Systems
Fibreglass flat roofs are also called GRP flat roofs, short for Glass Reinforced Polyester. These flat roofs provide excellent cover and are fire-resistant, remaining stable in extreme weather conditions. They gained an unfair reputation for leaks in the past, but fitted properly by a professional roofing firm, fiberglass flat roofs provide long-lasting protection and offer benefits that include being easy to repair, install and maintain.

Built-Up Felt Roofers Putney
Felt roofs are usually found on balconies and roof terraces. Also called built-up bitumen felt roofs or bituminous flat roofing, felt roofs are made up of multiple layers of durable felt material. These popular flat roofs are thermally efficient and provide excellent cover across all the seasons.

Call G&A Roofing and Building Putney and Roehampton and speak to a qualified roofer today on 020 7205 5785.

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