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serghqaewrtyhWear and tear on roofs increases during the winter months in St Helens, as high winds, heavy rain and freezing conditions can intensify any wear and soon cause a minor fault to develop into a major problem and emergency (or even a danger). Fortunately, G&A Roof Repairs St Helens have over 25 years of experience in emergency roof repairs, dressing, maintenance, rehashing and all types of roof repairs.

G&A have skilled teams of emergency roofers that are able to offer you a first class service in St Helens at an affordable cost whether it be for you house, business, emergency or any other type of property. We have the solution to your roofing requirements

Emergency Tile and Slate Repairs in St Helens
G&A Roof Repairs can carry out all types of tile and slate work, from patching up and emergency repairs right up to complete roof replacement and recharging.

For older properties G&A Roof Repairs St Helens also offer restoration work on historical and listed buildings, restoring them to their former glory – a service that we would be pleased to offer to any of our clients in St. Helens who live in or own an older property.

We also work with insurance companies to provide an emergency roofing service should anything unforeseen happen this winter.

Emergency Gutter Repairs and Cleaning in St Helens
Once a properties guttering, fascias and soffits begin to look tatty or worn there is no better way to spruce things up than with new replacements, and G&A Emergency Roof Repairs offer a full range of UPVC fascias, soffits and barge boards to allow you to fully renew your home or property. G&A Roof Repairs St Helens can replace or repair all of your properties guttering (whether it be lead box guttering or UPVC) with smart, new items. We also clean gutters and remove moss, and any other debris that may be causing a blockage or detriment to your guttering preventing emergency action.

Guttering work can be carried out while other roof repairs are being undertaken, thus saving money on the hire of scaffolding.

Emergency Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds in St Helens
Being in the most exposed location on any property it is no wonder that it is often the area where most wear and tear takes place. G&A Roof Repairs offer a full chimney rebuild or emergency repair service to our customers in St Helens, wether it be chimney pots, lead flashing, re-pointing, replacement or any other chimney work.

We are able to offer a refurbishment in the original stone or brickwork, making sure that all work carried out matches the original look of your property.

Emergency Flat Roofs and Skylights in St Helens
Flat roofs can spring leaks or become damaged, or if you require a skylight or dormer window installation then look no further than G&A Roof Repairs. We offer a high quality repair and emergency installation service making full use of high quality materials to make sure that your property stays protected and dry this winter.

Wherever you are in St Helens, and whatever your Roofing needs, wether it be replacement, refurbishment, emergency work or a larger project contact G&A Roof Repairs for a consultation.

email: ga.roofrepairs@btconnect.com

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