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Roofers in GosportWelcome to G&A Roofing Services, quality emergency roofer in Gosport area. Our roofing repair teams are skilled in what they do, and deliver the best customer care in Gosport, you can not predict when storms will hit and here at G&A our emergency roofers are always ready for any type roof repair, so if it’s an emergency and your roof is leaking, contact us now and speak to a qualified roofer today.

Insurance Claim, Leaking Roof, Storm Damage?

If your roof has suffered storm damage you can claim on your buildings insurance, and carry out emergency repairs, if your property is in danger of further damage due to water ingress you can instruct us to carry out works immediately, we will send out a trained roofer in order to prevent further damage saving you and your insures extra cost, after we have completed repairs to your property we will send an invoice via email or post which ever suits you best, you can the forward our invoice to your insures asking them to pay us direct leaving you nothing to pay subject to excess and policy. G&A Emergency Roof Repairs has been serving Gosport for over 20 years.

What do insures count as storm damage?

Most of the UK insures count storm damage as a violent disturbance of the atmosphere accompanied by high winds and heavy rain winds gusting at a minimum of 55 mph

What to do before the storm hits

Here are some tips from our roofer. There are a few important steps you can take to minimize any roof damage. Strong winds are common occurrence in Gosport and our roofers are ready and waiting for your emergency call, there are few actions that can be taken before the storms hit, make sure your roof is in good repair, check to see if your roof has missing tiles or slates, check the chimney is fully intact, all off the pointing should be intact with no cracks or holes in the mortar, be sure the gutters are clean, remove redundant aerials, a build up Snow on roofs can can stress the roof timbers and can cause structural problems, never try to clear the snow yourself, roofs are dangerous places and should be left to the professionals.

For fast and friendly service call G&A, the emergency roofer in Gosport  023 9240 1868.

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