Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds in Tottenham and Stoke Newington

Chimney Repair and Rebuilding in Tottenham and Stoke Newington 020 7205 5785

dreamstime_s_5997865-1-300x239_opt(1)As the highest point of your property, your chimneys can become damaged in stormy weather and strong winds. Our team of roofers in Tottenham and Stoke Newington provide chimney restoration work such as chimney rebuilding, chimney removal, chimney pot refitting, repairs for lead flashings and brickwork re-pointing. Call G&A for a roofer today.

Emergency Roofers
For emergency roof repairs, contact our team of reliable roofers. The emergency roofing service at G&A comes highly recommended. Our team will provide a fast response when you need urgent care for homes and businesses that have suffered storm damage. Call us for an emergency roofer today.

Call G&A Roofing and Building Tottenham and Stoke Newington and speak to one of our trained roofers today. Speak to a roofer on 020 7205 5785.

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